1Whether degree of graduates of Odessa is recognized in India and Abroad?
Ans: Yes, it is recognized in India and also in almost all over the world. As per the latest Gazette of Government of India all the graduates of foreign medical institutions are required to clear screening test which is conducted twice a year (June and December) by National Board of Examination to get registered by Medical Council of India. If a graduate does not return back to India and wishes to work in other foreign country like USA, UK or Europe then he is not supposed to give this screening test, but he has to follow the rules of that particular country.
2Why Odessa is better than other institutions of Ukraine and Eastern Europe?
Ans: Odessa is more than 100 years old having own history of medical training and is highly upgraded, well equipped with all latest technologies available in the world today and is well known for its quality of education and training techniques.
3Whether complete education is in English Medium?
Ans: Odessa is first university which started medical education in English medium in Ukraine. 100 % education in English language in under graduate and post graduate courses.
4What is the currency used in Ukraine?
Ans: The currency used in Ukraine is Hryvnia and the coins are known as Kopiyka. 1 US = 20 Hryvia. ( Please check current forex rates for latest updates).
5Can we pay the tuition fees in instalments?
Ans: Yes, you can pay the fee in six months instalments.
6How can my parents send me money for my expenses?
Ans: Student before going to Ukraine can open an account in India with the bank which offers ATM International card. Through ATM card the students can easily withdraw required amount which can be deposited by his/her parents in his account in India. Parents can deposit the fees of University directly into Universities account by online transfer through bank.
7Can we travel to any other countries while studying in Ukraine?
Ans: Yes, you can travel to other countries like UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France and other European countries during vacations.
8Can my parents visit the university?
Ans: Yes, it is a very easy procedure for that, we will provide all the assistance for that and even take care of all facilities in Ukraine as our very very special guest..
9Whether girls are safe in Odessa?
Ans: Yes, there are more than 350 foreigner girls including Indians studying presently in Odessa and living safely in university hostels. The ratio of girls to boys is approximately 1:3 per admissions in last 5 years. In fact girls are safer in Odessa than any other cities. Most important medical insurance is compulsory for all the students studying so in case of any medical emergency students always have backup support of insurance policy and even universities staff and doctors are very co-operative. For any basic work we have office in Ukraine and permanent staff for assistance.