Odessa has 6 multistoried hostels fully equipped with all facilities like:

  • 24 hours hot and cold water, electrical gas, light and phone facility.
  • Centrally heating and cooling systems are installed in all hostels.
  • All basic furniture like Bed, Study table, Chair, Bed sheet, Pillow, Phone, Internet is provided (Bed sheets and pillow covers are changed weekly)
  • 24 hours free cooking gas is available on every floor of hostel.
  • No extra light bill is charged.


In Odessa the temperature remains moderate throughout the year, due to moderate temperature all vegetables and fruits are available 365 days in the malls near to hostels..

We have lot of options for food available there:

  • Indian Mess available in hostel where Indian food is cooked by Indian cook.
  • There are big kitchens on every floor of hostel for students for self cooking. No extra charge for using gas
  • Some other options are like tiffin service, college canteen, Many Indian restraurants serves food too.