Odessa National Medical University was established in 1900 with moto of providing the best medical education. It is a government university which has completed more that 100 years of its establishment and is the only university of ukraine which is a member of “MEDINE” (Medical Education in Europe).

In 1996 Odessa started its medical education in English medium. In 2005, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and National academy of Sciences of Ukraine awarded Odessa with a medal of developing a modern model for teaching the English medium students.

It is the only university in Ukraine which provides 91 Post-graduation courses in English medium.

The University has around 56 departments with various faculties and enrolls around 400 students including 1200 international students from Europe, Asia, Africa, America and many other countries.

The University has 800 teachers, 18 academicians, 105 professors and Doctors of Medical Science.

The university is spread around general area of 20,000 sq mt with 18 blocks and 6 hostels, a library with more than 1 million books, scientifc computer centre, students polyclinic, 3 museums, sports comple with various sports facilities and many more…

The University has 35 Hospitals with around 9648 patients’ bed for practise of its doctors and training for students.

Teaching staff is very friendly, supportive and helpful in all aspects. University invites visiting professors from USA, UK, Europe, Canada and India for special lectures and betterment of students.

Odessa is well recognized worldwide and listed in World Health Organization, International Association of Universities, European University Association, Medical Council of India, USA, UK, Europe and many more…

Odessa National Medical University is the most advanced University and superior in all aspects than any other university such as running various courses like MBBS, BDS, Preparatory Courses, MD, MS (91 Courses), Ph.D, advanced theory study pattern, 800 highly qualified professors, free International study books from library, dummy patients practice on replica of human body, practical’s with 4D technology, 35 Hospitals, regular postings in all hospital for last 3 years, good OPD, new and latest equipment’s imported from USA and Germany, International exposure with students of different countries studying there which increases scopes worldwide, No hidden cost at all and many more…