University: Alfarabi Kazakh National University

Founded: 1934

Form: Government University

City: Almaty

Country: Kazakhstan

Currency: Tenge (1 Rs = 5 Tenge)

Course: 5 years

Location: The Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is based in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Highlights: Alfarabi Kazakh National University is ranked 207 in 2019/20 year making it Kazakhstan highest ranked university and 18th in Europe and Central Asia University Rankings.

The Kazakh National University is known to be as one of the oldest standard University in the republic.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University leads in the national rankings universities of Kazakhstan and thus is ranked 220th position amongst the best universities in the world as per the rankings delivered by the QS. It is also the first university in the country to be awarded the sign of superiority – QS stars “FOUR STARS” and not to forget, the First University in Central Asia to get 251 positions in employment GOV University established in 1934. The Distance from Almaty International Airport is almost half an hour.

In the year of 2001, the University was recognized as a national university and so far more than 20,000 students study at this University. There are 540 students, of which 74 are postgraduates and 17 hail from the PhD background come as International students from all over the world. Along with them around 2500 faculty members currently working there. Amongst them are 400 doctors from various field of science and more than 800 candidates of science and associate professors.

The college main building holds 15 floors and houses the university administration center and the faculties concerned with disciplines such as philosophy, economic, journalism, history and law. The university campus is spread over an area of 100 hectares and is considered as the largest of all others. The laboratories itself holds 18,940 square meters in the infrastructure.

The students are equipped with various educational programs along with clinical practices and internships that ensure a detailed preparation for the specialist doctors of the future.

The department further carries out the medical training of its personals present at all levels such as postgraduate and undergraduate levels.


The most comfortable and modern hostels with warm atmosphere and homely environment is the basic feature one can find in the hostel in this university.

Safe and Secured hostels along with two, three and four bed rooms on sharing basis and well equipped with reading rooms and computer classes. It also includes the wireless network access to the internet WI-Fi.

Fees Structure

Uni. Fees First Year Second year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year TOTAL
USD 2100 X 2 2100 X 2 2100 X 2 2100 X 2 2100 X 2 21,000
Ind. Rs. 1,57,500 X 2 1,57,500 X 2 1,57,500 X 2 1,57,500 X 2 1,57,500 X 2 15,75,000

Hostel Fees per year is USD 1000 (Rs: 75,000)

Mess Fess per month USD 100 (Rs: 7,500)

Insurance: USD 200 for First year (Rs.15,000)