About University

Odessa National Medical University was established in 1900 with moto of providing the best medical education. It is a government university which has completed more that 100 years of its establishment and is the only university of ukraine which is a member of “MEDINE” (Medical Education in Europe).

In 1996 Odessa started its medical education in English medium. In 2005, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and National academy of Sciences of Ukraine awarded Odessa with a medal of developing a modern model for teaching the English medium students.

It is the only university in Ukraine which provides 91 Post-graduation courses in English medium.

The University has around 56 departments with various faculties and enrolls around 400 students including 1200 international students from Europe, Asia, Africa, America and many other countries.

The University has 800 teachers, 18 academicians, 105 professors and Doctors of Medical Science.

The university is spread around general area of 20,000 sq mt with 18 blocks and 6 hostels, a library with more than 1 million books, scientifc computer centre, students polyclinic, 3 museums, sports comple with various sports facilities and many more…

The University has 35 Hospitals with around 9648 patients’ bed for practise of its doctors and training for students.

Teaching staff is very friendly, supportive and helpful in all aspects. University invites visiting professors from USA, UK, Europe, Canada and India for special lectures and betterment of students.

Odessa is well recognized worldwide and listed in World Health Organization, International Association of Universities, European University Association, Medical Council of India, USA, UK, Europe and many more…

Odessa National Medical University is the most advanced University and superior in all aspects than any other university such as running various courses like MBBS, BDS, Preparatory Courses, MD, MS (91 Courses), Ph.D, advanced theory study pattern, 800 highly qualified professors, free International study books from library, dummy patients practice on replica of human body, practical’s with 4D technology, 35 Hospitals, regular postings in all hospital for last 3 years, good OPD, new and latest equipment’s imported from USA and Germany, International exposure with students of different countries studying there which increases scopes worldwide, No hidden cost at all and many more…

Rector's Message

Valeriy Nikolaevich Zaporozhan
Rector, Academician of AMS of Ukraine,
State prize-winner of Ukraine

“The most important principle of our work is a wish that science and medicine were humane, highly intelligent, that the physician not only helped the person to overcome a disease, but also displayed kindness, high morals and worked for the positive development of mankind.”

I welcome those aspiring candidates, who have dream to serve the society as a doctor. Our location, facilities, teachers and programs were all chosen to provide the students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their goals. Our spacious and modern facilities provide our students with a pleasant study atmosphere.

We are proud of our history, the university, its employees, its present and future graduates! We can and will bring expertise in Ukraine and abroad! We are waiting for you!

Starets O.O.
Vice Rector for International Relations

The quality of education is judged by the teaching staff and then by the technical facilities available for training, Odessa National Medical University fulfills both criteria. Our university not only in Ukraine but is also known abroad for its tradition of training and for its highly qualified staff.”

Odessa National Medical University is the best place for those who are willing to become a doctor with excellence and complete knowledge of their profession.”


Odessa is a beautiful city and is often referred as “The Perl of the Black Sea” because it is on the black sea coast. Odessa is known all over the world for its art and rich culture and holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

what is considered to be, the second most beautiful and important opera house in the world.

The population of Odessa is about 1.1 million.

Odessa has 1185 streets, 62001 buildings, 24 hotels, 34 educational institutions, 88 health care centers, and 20 museums. Public transportation in Odessa city includes 21 tram routes, 15 trolley bus routes, 47 bus routes and 35 minibus routes.

Odessa today Odessa is the 3rd largest city in Ukraine, the most important city for trade and the 2nd most popular city for tourism in Ukraine. Odessa is the most important port of Ukraine.

In addition to the importance of the seaport, the city’s industries include ship building, oil refining, chemicals, metal working and food processing. The weather is mild and dry with average temperatures in January of 29 F and 73 F in July.

Odessa in Ukraine has been always proud of its cuisine which is multinational as well as Odessa population. Food in Odessa, Ukraine is great because of numerous word cuisines influence. There are high qualified chefs working for Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Jews, Moldavian, Bulgarian as well as Europeans restaurants in Odessa.

At last Odessa is perfect and most suitable place for students to study and they always remain healthy and energetic.

Admission Procedure and Fees

Admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses are open for all students, who fulfill the eligibility criteria of the university and medical council of India, on first come first serve basis.

For undergraduate courses:

Courses: MBBS (5.8 years), BDS ( 5 years), Pharmacy (5 years).

Student must have completed his/her secondary education with minimum marks of 50 %( General Category) and 40% (Sub Caste Like SC, ST, OBC etc.) in Biology, Physics and Chemistry with practical marks from recognized board.

Documents Required:

1- Date of Birth Certificate by local municipal authority.
2- 12th Marks Sheet.
3- 10 Passport size photo.
4- Passport.
5- Medical Certificate including Height, Weight measurements, Blood group and HIV test.

Odessa National Medical University Fees Structure


Collage Fee








USD ($)








IND RS. (₹)








Hostel Fees per year USD 450 (Rs. 29,250/-) Private Hostel per year USD 800 – 1000 (Rs. 52,000 – 65,000/-) Mess Fees per Month USD 110 ( Rs. 7000/-)

Visa: The student’s visa is issued by visa section of Embassy of Ukraine only during 15th August to 15th November for under graduate courses as per the rule of Ukrainian Government.

The Invitation for studies is provided by Odessa and Royal Education World provides the complete guidance and support for the processing.

Note: The issuance or refusal of visa to the student is the sole right of visa section of Embassy of Ukraine, the university or royal education world is not responsible in any way if the visa is refused.

For postgraduate courses:

Courses: Post graduation (2 years), PhD (1 Year)

Student must have completed hi/her graduation in any reputed medical university and one year internship from recognized college/ university.(first preference is given to students who completed MBBS from Odessa itself)

Documents Required:

1- Date of Birth Certificate by local municipal authority.
2- Marks Sheet of MBBS.
3- Internship Completion Certificate
4- Transcript
5- 10 Passport size photo.
6- Passport.
7- Medical Certificate including Height, Weight measurements, Blood group and HIV test.

Specialization for master courses:

S.No Specialization
1 Allergology
2 Anesthesiology
3 Bacteriology
4 Cardiology
5 Clinical Biochemistry
7 Clinical Immunology
8 Dermatovenerology (Skin & Ven.Diseases)
9 Emergency Medicine
10 Endocrinology
11 Endoscopy
12 ENT
13 Epidemiology
14 Family Medicine-General Practice
15 Forensic Medicine
16 Functional Diagnostics
17 Gastroenterology
18 General Hygiene
19 General Surgery
20 Hematology
21 Immunology
22 Immunology of Forensic Medicine
23 Infectious Diseases
24 Lab.Genetics
25 Lab.Immunology
26 Medical Genetics
27 Microbiology & Virusology
28 Narcology
29 Neonatology
30 Nephrology
31 Neuro Surgery
32 Neurology
33 Obstetrics & Gynecology
34 Oncogynecology
35 Oncology
36 Oncootolaringology
37 Oncosurgery
38 Ophthalmology
39 Organization and Administration of Health
40 Orthopedic Stomatology (Prosthodontics)
41 Orthodontics
42 Orthopedics & Traumatology
43 Parasitology
44 Pathological Anatomy
45 Pediatric Allergology
46 Pediatric Anesthesiology
S.No Specialization
47 Pediatric Cardio-reumatology
48 Pediatric Dermatovenerology
49 Pediatric Endocrinology
50 Pediatric ENT
51 Pediatric Gastroentrology
52 Pediatric Gynecology
53 Pediatric Hematology
54 Pediatric Immunology
55 Pediatric Infectious diseases
56 Pediatric Nephrology
57 Pediatric Neurology
58 Pediatric Oncology
59 Pediatric Ophthalmology
60 Pediatric Orthopedics & Traumatology
61 Pediatric Pathological anatomy
62 Pediatric Phtysiatry
63 Pediatric Psychiatry
64 Pediatric Pulmonology
65 Pediatric Stomatology (Dentistry)
66 Pediatric Surgery
67 Pediatric Urology
68 Pediatrics
69 Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
70 Professional Pathology
71 Psychiatry
72 Pulmonology
73 Radiology
74 Radionuclear Diagnostics
75 Ray Diagnostics
76 Rentgenology
77 Rentgenology
78 Sanology
79 Sexopathology
80 Sports Medicine
81 Stomatology
82 Surgical Stomatology / Oral Surgery
83 Therapeutic Stomatology / Conservative Dentistry
84 Therapy / Medicine
85 Thoracic Surgery
86 Toxicology
87 Transplantology
88 Tuberculosis (Phtysiatry)
89 Ultrasonography
90 Urology
91 Vascular Surgery

Accomodation and Food


Odessa has 6 multi storied hostels fully equipped with all facilities like:

  • 24 hours hot and cold water, electrical gas, light and phone facility.
  • Centrally heating and cooling systems are installed in all hostels.
  • All basic furniture like Bed, Study table, Chair, Bed sheet, Pillow, Phone, Internet is provided (Bed sheets and pillow covers are changed weekly)
  • 24 hours free cooking gas is available on every floor of hostel.
  • No extra light bill is charged.


In Odessa the temperature remains moderate throughout the year, due to moderate temperature all vegetables and fruits are available 365 days in the malls near to hostels..

We have lot of options for food available there:

  • Indian Mess available in hostel where Indian food is cooked by Indian cook.
  • There are big kitchens on every floor of hostel for students for self cooking. No extra charge for using gas
  • Some other options are like tiffin service, college canteen, Many Indian restraurants serves food too.


Ans: Yes, it is recognized in India and also in almost all over the world. As per the latest Gazette of Government of India all the graduates of foreign medical institutions are required to clear screening test which is conducted twice a year (June and December) by National Board of Examination to get registered by Medical Council of India. If a graduate does not return back to India and wishes to work in other foreign country like USA, UK or Europe then he is not supposed to give this screening test, but he has to follow the rules of that particular country.

Ans: Odessa is more than 100 years old having own history of medical training and is highly upgraded, well equipped with all latest technologies available in the world today and is well known for its quality of education and training techniques.

Ans: Odessa is first university which started medical education in English medium in Ukraine. 100 % education in English language in under graduate and post graduate courses.

Ans: The currency used in Ukraine is Hryvnia and the coins are known as Kopiyka. 1 US = 20 Hryvia. ( Please check current forex rates for latest updates).

Ans: Yes, you can pay the fee in six months instalments.

Ans: Student before going to Ukraine can open an account in India with the bank which offers ATM International card. Through ATM card the students can easily withdraw required amount which can be deposited by his/her parents in his account in India. Parents can deposit the fees of University directly into Universities account by online transfer through bank.

Ans: Yes, you can travel to other countries like UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France and other European countries during vacations.

Ans: Yes, it is a very easy procedure for that, we will provide all the assistance for that and even take care of all facilities in Ukraine as our very very special guest..

Ans: Yes, there are more than 350 foreigner girls including Indians studying presently in Odessa and living safely in university hostels. The ratio of girls to boys is approximately 1:3 per admissions in last 5 years. In fact girls are safer in Odessa than any other cities. Most important medical insurance is compulsory for all the students studying so in case of any medical emergency students always have backup support of insurance policy and even universities staff and doctors are very co-operative. For any basic work we have office in Ukraine and permanent staff for assistance.