University: International School of Medicine

Founded: 1993

Form: Government University

City: Bishkek

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Currency: Som (1 Som = 1 Rs)

Course: 5 years

Location: Bishkek is in the north, it is capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek is in the north, it is capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan

Highlights: Ism is a university located in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan.

International School of Medicine is a well established modern University with the widespread infrastructure and experienced faculty members with recognized specialists in various areas of medicine, professional health organization and agencies.

International School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan have more than 3000 foreign students from different nationalities are studying in various 5 affiliated hospitals. Students from various countries like India, Africa, Russia, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey and South Korea come to study here at the University.

The University is registered in many leading international organizations of medical education including the World Health Organization (WHO), The Foundation for the Development of Medical Education and Science (FAIMER). The International Institute of Medical Education (IIME), The PhD program in Biomedicine and Health in the EU (ORPHEUS)

The syllabus of MBBS in the University is same as Indian Medical Colleges and the language of instruction thus used is English. The University includes a well equipped library that has huge collection of Medical books.

Our alumni students have successfully passed various certification exams in their respective native countries. Our graduate students work and study health continuously as postgraduate trainees in leading institutions of North America and Europe and are practicing medicine at various parts of the World.


As Hostel plays an important part for the students, the University includes a hostel with two, three and four bedded rooms which are well furnished with beds, chairs, study table and wardrobe and bedside nightstands. Important stuffs like pillow, bed sheets, mattresses, quilts and blankets are provided by hostel wardens. Every room has window for proper ventilation.

Proper House Keeping personnel are provided for the laundry work, cleaning of the room and bathrooms with antiseptics for hygiene. This saves time for the students to study instead.

Fees Structure

Uni. Fees First Year Second year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year TOTAL
USD 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 22,500
Ind. Rs. 3,24,000 3,24,000 3,24,000 3,24,000 3,24,000 16,20,000

Hostel Fees per year is USD 650 (Rs: 46,800)

Mess Fess per month USD 120 (Rs: 8640)