Founded: 1992

Form: Private University

City: Kutaisi

Country: Georgia

Currency: Lari (1 Lari = 25 Rs)

Course: 6 years

Kutaisi University College of medicine is situated in a beautiful and safe city of Georgia. It is an old city with a 1500 year old history and wonderful old town, with economical food and accommodation and most highly, very safe for International students. 

Kutaisi University is one of the Best Medical Universities for Indian Students in Georgia. It is a private university founded in 1992 by Valerian Kelbakiani and Revaz Laghidze in Kutaisi, Georgia.

The University has an aim and mission to educate and get the students prepare for various skills and encourage them for their overall personal growth and prepare compassionate medical doctors equipped with knowledge. The medical school promotes scientific research. Kutaisi Medical Institute Georgia welcomes students worldwide to pursue education here. Various academic library, administrative services, and academic and non-academic facilities and services are available on the university campus.

University offers English language programs in medicine and is accredited by the Georgian National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement. And is WHO approved.

The Kutaisi University (College of Medicine) Centre has recently acquired accreditation from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The benefits are manifold such as international recognition of Georgian medical programs and diplomas in the USA, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking countries. 

Hostel and Food

Separate Hostel for girls and boys. Peaceful stay is available that is convenient and learning is assured. Students are very well taken care of during the entire stay. Accommodation is easily available in reasonable rates with assured safety of the students.

Indian Cooks are in the Hostels to prepare authentic Indian Food. We serve the best food. We offer a wide variety of delectable foods to satisfy cravings of our students to let them enjoy the cuisine. We make sure students are always satisfied with food.


University Fees: 2000 $ / Semester

Hostel and Mess Fees: 2500 $ / Year

Insurance: 90 $ / Year

Visa Extension: 150 $ / Year