Founded: 1919

Form: Government University

City: Samara

Country: Russia

Currency: Rubble (5 Rubble = 1.5 Rs)

Course: 6 years

Samara is the 6thmajor city in Russia. It is located in the south-eastern part of European Russia. Samara State Medical University was established in 1919. It is a modern university with a century-long-history. Now, Samara State Medical University is one of the largest and most commanding universities in Russia and one of the best medical universities in country.

In this university, upcoming specialists receive superior education and around six educational programs of the Samara State Medical University are documented as the “Best educational programs of Innovative Russia”

The strategic goal of the University is national leadership in the digitalization of healthcare. This is global trend in medicine that allows you to improve the quality and availability of medical care to the population and at the same time increase the efficiency of processes in medical institutions.

Hostel and Food

Samara State Medical University has 5 hostels, 9 floors each 7000 students. The rooms are maximum for 3 people; they are comfortable and very well furnished.

All Hostels have the following facilities like, Kitchen, Laundry room, Reading room, Medical aid cabinet, Gym, Free Wi-Fi. High quality Indian pure vegetarian food is provided in the mess and the strong emphasis is given on providing and maintaining the quality and hygiene in the food.


University Fees: 3300 $ / Semester

Hostel Fees: 1000 $  / Year

Mess Fees: 120 $ / Month

Insurance: 600 $ / 6 Year

Visa Extension: 600 $ / 6 Year