University: Asian Medical Institute

Founded: 2004

City: Bishkek

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Currency: Som (1 Som = 1 Rs)

Course: 5 years

Location: Bishkek is in the north, it is capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan

Highlights: Very Economic, Very easy to settle, short course, direct admission, Degree valid worldwide. Students can appear MCI screening, USMLE, PLAB and many more, MCI passing ration is also good here, direct flight from Delhi to Bishkek, flight duration only 3 hours.


Chairman A.M.I
Tentishev Erkin Satkynbaevich

Message from Chairman

Medicine is not just an occupation or a career but a profession. We at Asian Medical Institute strive to instill in our students an appreciation of the meaning of service, a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their professional lives and a sense of duty to their patients, their colleagues and their community. Asian Medical Institute’s program in medical education is designed to foster excellence in the future leaders of medicine. The focus of our educational program is not merely the transfer of information but the transformation of the learner in a culture providing that ingenious combination of support and challenge that leads to education. We have designed a program to provide a broad, rigorous and flexible foundation that will enable students to reach their highest potential of achievements. Students are trained to develop sensitivity to the world of the patient and to the social contexts in which medicine is practiced. We are launching an entirely new medical institute curriculum based on integrated and interdisciplinary teaching of basic sciences and clinical medicine. We are truly breaking new ground in Kyrgyzstan with introduction of this very innovative curriculum. Student’s participation in curriculum innovation and in outcome studies to determine which innovations are the most effective is an integral part of this very exciting program. Come, join us in creating medical history. I promise you an enriching exciting and fulfilling learning experience at Asian Medical Institute. Tentishev Erkin Satkynbaevich , Chairman of the Asian Medical Institute

Mamytov Mitalip Mamytovich
Ex-minister of Health of the Kyrgyzstan
Head of the Neurosurgery Department of the Kyrgyzstan
Doctor of Medicine, professor
Member- coordinator of the National Science Academy
Honored worker of science in Kyrgyzstan
Head of Department of neurology and neurosurgery of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy and Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University

Message from RECTOR:

I take this opportunity to re-affirm my faith in the educated youth of Kyrgyzstan, as the future of World actually lies in their hands. Our vision of an enlightened and progressive Kyrgyzstan can never materialize until we manage to bring about much needed improvements in our education system particularly in the field of medicine.

Viewed in this perspective, Medical College and Universities have an important role to play, as the entire responsibility of providing quality education cannot be shouldered by the Public Sector alone. Asian Medical Institute has been established with the aim to live up to the standards of medical education and to compete at National and International levels. To meet the requirements, the college is housed in a purpose built compound providing all the bio-medical and technical facilities for imparting training in the technical skills required by a medical and dental graduate.

Another important area of interest in the college is continued medical educational programs in which the college and the attached Hospitals arrange seminars, conferences, and on-hand skill programs. The various special workshops are organized by A.M.I. which are attended by our teaching staff and the students. There is a full fledged traditional library along with a computer-based online digital library with an access to more than 17,000 online journal/magazines. Apart from the well-organized Academic activities all the literary and sports extra-curricular activities are taking place here. This is because of the hard work put up by the students who are continuously being guided and trained by a very experienced and dedicated team of Faculty members.


Asian Medical Institute was established in 2004 and is the leading higher medical Institution of the Kyrgyzstan located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. AMI is listed in WHO and Faimer(IMED).

AMI offers general medicine course with various teaching methods and active learning environment including group sessions, presentation and modern technology.

AMI provides medical education in English language. All AMI students will be benefited from the medicine faculty with various credentials as physicians, teachers and researchers.

AMI has number of students from 10 different countries studying including India, Russia, Nepal, Germany, Kazakhstan, Nigeria etc. AMI offers 4 courses in the institute – MBBS, Dentistry, Nursing, and Preparatory.

Teaching staff is friendly, hospitable, positive, and helpful. Every year AMI invites special team from USA, UK, and Europe to deliver lectures and research medical education.

The Medical Council of India, Nepal, UK, USA and others also recognize the degree from AMI. AMI is recognized by more organizations than any other Medical Institutions of Kyrgyzstan.

Accreditation: AMI is recognized by the ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kyrgyz, AMI Is also listed in the Avicenna Directory of Medicine, It has achieved its from the Ministry of Health, Kyrgyzstan to give training to medical professionals of foreign country

Asian medical institute fee structure 2020

Collage Fee First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year Total
USD ($) $3200 $3200 $3200 $3200 $3200 $3200 $16,000
Indian Rs. (₹) ₹2,40,000 ₹2,40,000 ₹2,40,000 ₹2,40,000 ₹2,40,000 ₹2,40,000 ₹12,00,000

Hostel Fees: 500$ US Dollars per Year (Rs. ₹37,500/-)

Mess Fees: 100$ US Dollars per Month (Rs. ₹7,500/-)


Three spacious hostels with all services including boarding facility, for girls and boys, to accommodate students are available adjacent to the college premises.

Security staff remains alert on duty for 24 hours. Transport has been provided for hostilities for their clinical work in affiliated hospital. The hostel atmosphere is clam, quite and conductive for studies. Hostels are supervised by senior teaching faculty members.

Mess facility is present, food is cooked by an Indian cook. 24 hours security service available. In the building of the hostel there is the student canteen with a snack bar.

For students of the institute there are all the conditions for leisure, mainly sport halls, gym, swimming pool & etc. Institute organize different festivals, tours, games and encourage students to take part in different study and sport competition.